Saturday, January 7, 2012

JBWE, R2, My Turn (Jim Butcher Writing Experience)

JBWE, Round 2, My Turn -- Jim Butcher Writing Experiment

Here go my answers to this round of the writing experiment.  Let's see what we can do!  Who all is talking in my head?  That's disturbing.

Part 04: It All Depends On Your Point Of View
a.    Experience the importance of having a strong char/knowing char:
       i. Pick one of your favorite shows from childhood; write about a normal day from the main character's POV
       ii. Pick one of your favorite shows from childhood; write about a normal day from a back/weak character's POV


Here goes Part 04, a, i:

"Oh what a day it will be!  I've already done 879,000 push-ups, had 347 eggs for breakfast, and dispatched 14 legions of baddies from the lands of Grayskull.  Nothing more could top the glory achieved under this fine sun!"

I wasn't talking to anyone in particular, but sometimes I just feel the need to let it out!  Yup - here goes again.

"What's that over there?  Is that a flimsy looking cowl of one dastardly skull-faced villain I know?  Come on Battle Cat, let's ride like the wind!"

Fortunately, Battle Cat, my over sized riding cat, decided to stop his breakfast at 411 brush hens.  He strolled over and rubbed up against... well, my whole body, really and let out a comforting rumble.

"Thanks old boy.  Let's hit the roads and follow that cowl!"

I mounted the feline mercenary quickly and dashed my heels into his hind-quarters.  We were off in a flash to hunt down the thing I hate the most.  That vile skulled-man that I see in the shadows on my way to bed.  It was his time to feel the power.

I have it.  Yes, I do.


Here goes Part 04, a, ii:

"Now where did I leave that bucket of dirt again?"

Mumbling while I dig through the castle dungeons seems to help jar my memory.  Well, it usually does when I've got nothing else to do... which is most of the time.  I mean, I'm not down-playing myself or anything, but how's a cloaked bruddah-from-another-muddah supposed to get some action around here?

Come to think of it, I'm not sure that type of thing would suit me best.  I mean, I see hens and eggs disappear like mad these days and it just spooks the heck-fire out of me!  Sure, He-man says he eats it all, and maybe Battle Cat has a piece or two... that cat can eat ...but the numbers oh the numbers are crazy. Makes me want to crawl back into my corner and shiver until tomorrow.

My knees started bouncing off each other as a bead of sweat rolled down the tip of my nose.  Or what would have been my nose if this dang cloak didn't cover it up.  Glad no one has asked me about the 'O', either.

"Not that I'd want to show anyone.  Now that's a scary thought."

Steadied in my doubt, I figure it's about time to get back to polishing the kitchen-ware.  Where am I again?


Okay - maybe I'm a bit biased because Orco was a complete waste of space, but man his portion was boring.  Point taken.


  1. That is awesome, thanks ... I see the point of the exercise now, I definately missed it on mine LOL oh well, next time :-) ... great job!

  2. I'll be sure to add some more details to the exercises. I fell victim to the "Curse of Knowledge." I knew what I was looking for so surely everyone else would, too. Silly me. :)

    I still liked the approach you took. And it's still adding to the daily word count. Exercise is exercise!