Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jim Butcher Writing Experience - Round 1 - My Take

Here goes my response or my take on the:

The Jim Butcher Writing Experiment - Round 1

The Most Important Thing An Aspiring Author Needs To Know

1. Write briefly about the thought that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

It almost like the law of thermodynamics... I forget which one, but I'm sure it doesn't matter.  The point is, that nothing can be had for free without impacting someone else.  If someone else is impacted, then you will be affected somehow, too.  It's best to put in the good work, earn that place, and pass on the wisdom gained along the way.  Winning the lottery may make you rich, but it won't make you wealthy-wise.  Work it to keep it. 

2. Explain how things can be simple, but not easy.

Sure.  Making a baby is relatively simple.  Egg + sperm + time = HELLO BABY.  Do I really have to tell you how NOT easy raising one is?  Worth every minute, but requires 2 minutes input for each.  Nurse that book, nurse that project.  One little bit at a time.  You'll have a grown kid and grand-kids in "no time."

3. Jot down 5 excuses you use to kill your dreams – and then destroy those excuses

1 - I don't have enough time.
2 - No one will like it.
3 - I don't have enough money.
4 - I don't know where to start.
5 - I don't know if it will be worth it.

Now to kill them - or at least get them bleeding:

1 - I make my own time.  as little as 5 minutes a day here and there is one step closer.
2 - Who cares?!  He who doesn't like it is NOT your target audience.
3 - Then do it on the cheap!  All hail open source software and Amazon KDP.
4 - How about writing down the 3 T's of the project: Task, Target, and Topic.
5 - Everything that helps you experience *something* is worth it.  Some more-so than others.  Learn to weigh.

What Is This Craft You Speak Of?

1. Explain how you think good writing is about influencing emotions

 I know that if I am not emotionally involved in a story or topic, I don't want to finish the book.  What is the last good movie you've seen that didn't keep you on the edge of your seat or wanting more?  Exactly.  In order for you to experience these things, someone has to do the 'influencing' in the (manu)script.  You want interest in your work?  You must interest them.

That's it for this round.  Next round coming soon!

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