Sunday, December 11, 2011

Learning From Jim Butcher's Blog

I recently picked up a copy of Jim Butcher's book "Storm Front," which is the 1st in his "Dresden Files" series.  While I will say this is definitely not a Young Adult (YA) class book, it just sucked me right in and keep me interested!

I thought nothing of it, except for making a note to read some of the other books Jim has written.  Until, I ran across his LiveJournal blog:

Now, whether or not his books are your cup of tea is not my interest here.  Check his blog out.  It is a very successful writer giving you the low-down on how to write successful novels.  FOR FREE.


I immediately digested every bit of it and am anxiously awaiting his next post.  Apparently, he is busy writing for money so his free guidance comes in spurts.  I can understand this. :)

If you haven't already, and have some interest in writing (fiction or not), then I highly recommend checking out his posts.  Now.  Seriously.  Go!


  1. Thanks for the link...I've got Jim's blog favorited now...he's encouraging (except the hard work part LOL). I've got to finish Storm Front!!! Thanks again son.

  2. No problemo mom! I've finished the "to-do list / exercises" based off of the Jim Butcher notes I took. It's going to be a doosey. :) ...I have a feeling it will be a great journey. Coming soon!